Foods You Can’t Stop Eating But Really Should



1. Potato Chips

Photo by Edu Carvalho from Pexels

Its magical that you cant eat only one because the fat, salt, and carbs add up.
their good fats keep you full and satisfied.

If we include chips as part of the diet, we may not be consuming as many nutrients as we should because Chips are typically low in vitamins and minerals, and they tend to displace things in the diet that are higher in nutrients.

Chips are also typically high in fat and calories, which can raise the risk of weight gain and obesity so its important to avoid it when we follow healthy diet.

2. Cereal

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Always cereal looks like a decent choice because it has vitamins, minerals, and some protein, with milk it becomes the favourite morning meal for most of the people.

To covince people that cereal are unhealthy we must know that cereal contains BHA and BHT, which have been linked to cancer and organ damage, at the same time, cereals contains different colors like blue, red and yellow which are banned in several countries for their containing carcinogenic compounds.

We can replace cereal with oatmeal, the fiber can helps fill you up and slows the absorption of calories into your bloodstream.


3. Chocolate

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Most people prefer a typical candy bar full of sugar, but they can eat dark chocolate instead.

Chocolate is so delicious but studies showed that many chocolate bars contain undeclared allergens like milk and nuts, so, These foods can cause severe reactions such as contamination often happens even when manufacturers label the product as safe.

In study featured in a 2015 article in the journal Food Control, 25 % of chocolate samples had bacterial contamination when examined, for that, antigen contamination provides one of the biggest risks of chocolate production.

The negative side of chocolate also include heartburn because according to the (ASGE) chocolate decreases esophageal sphincter pressure, a change that can make you vulnerable to heartburn.

4. White Bread

It has a little fiber to slow the release of sugar into your blood and at the same time expand to make you feel full.

But compared to other foods such as fruits and vegetables, white bread is relatively low in essential nutrients, its also contains gluten, which can cause adverse side effects for people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

White bread is popular for high carb content which can increase blood sugar and risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome.


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